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Confession of a Father

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With only 7 short days until our big move, I’m focusing on packing up our home – separating the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years into storage, moving sale, luggage, or trash. Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided, this week the blog entry will be from my dad.

Confession of a Father

After hearing my daughter and her family were planning to serve in the mission field I must admit I was apprehensive. There she was, noticeably pregnant and caring for a two year old boy, and now she is going where, to do what? Heck, I thought she could do those things around the corner or down the block. Why travel around the world when people here have issues?

Now, I’ll admit the attitude wasn’t too good, but my concern was genuinely out of love and protection, and not selfish. There were probably a hundred reasons why I was concerned, and some were significant.

The last few months have been a challenge. My prayer time has included many requests for peace and understanding. I could sense God trying to squeeze the anxious thoughts from my person, but I was holding tight. I just kept thinking in the physical, and not allowing His spiritual touch to solve the problem. For Him, there was no problem. It was me with the issue.

Last Sunday our church had a trial sermon from a pastor candidate. It was during his talk the light bulb finally clicked for me. While the pastor spoke about his family and other personal information, it was the short sermon which inspired me to come clean with God and the readers of this blog.

Without going into a lot of detail the pastor spoke about the two times Jesus was amazed by people. There are only two times. The first was the centurion that called upon Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus remarked that He was amazed at the faith of the centurion. The second occurrence was in Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown. If you recall, the people of Nazareth had so little faith Jesus could not heal the sick. Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith.

The way I see it we are either faithful or we are not; Trusting God means trusting God in all things. As soon as I allowed Him complete control of the issue my peace was restored. The things which were disturbing me will no longer impact the joy I have found in Jesus my Lord.

God will use this family in a mighty way. Please pray for them and financially support them in this work. I know I will.



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