About Us

Our Vision

By casting God’s love, protection, and provision over the people in the darkest places of the world, we will strive to serve and teach a trade to individuals in need in order to provide, for themselves and others, the necessities of life.

Our Team

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson

Ryan graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2006, with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture. It was upon graduation that he was offered the position Operations Manager for Integrity Nursery. Within five years, Ryan increased landscape sales by 400%, and in the peak seasons managed over 28 employees across nine crews. In 2008, he became a member of River City Church and began serving in multiple ministries as usher, greeter, and kid’s classroom worker.

Casting a Net developed from a childhood vision and desire to help children and teens in a positive, life changing way. With a specific calling toward the agricultural field, I pursued a horticulture degree and have been working in the horticulture field as an Operations manager for a landscape company since 2006. With twelve years of experience in the agricultural industry, I’ve been primed for this mission; God has been preparing me for this key role in assisting in producing agricultural goods to sustain Life Impact International’s safe home for children. The vision I have for the development of the land, I will oversee, is as follows:

1. Achieve produce on fruit trees: Rose Apple, Mango, Coconut, Banana, and Jack Fruit.

2. Create fruitful cropland of corn, sugar cane, and rice.

3. Utilize Aquaponics technique for harvesting fish and vegetable crops.

4. Train native workers to properly use equipment and grow crops.

5. Teach native workers basic skills and knowledge of horticulture and agriculture to maintain farm.

6. Lead men’s Bible study.

7. Construction Manager

Layla Thompson

Layla Thompson

Layla graduated from Western Kentucky University, Summa Cum Laude in 2008. She received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and minored in Architectural Sciences. After working several summers at Integrity Nursery, she accepted a management position in the Inventory and Claims Department and continued in this role until the birth of her second child in March 2013. Since becoming a member of River City Church in 2008, she has been a consistent volunteer for the kid’s ministry and as a Sunday service greeter.

At a young age, I developed an interest in adoption. Most motivating were children at-risk of being trafficked into the sex slave trade, raised in poverty stricken areas with little to no exposure to Christianity. I became involved with community groups that aid victims of abuse by volunteering at a sexual assault shelter, participating in short-term mission trips, and helping with Habitat for Humanity.  With a lifelong interest in sketching and floor plan design, I pursued a degree in Interior Design and Architectural Sciences, and I developed my sketching and illustrative techniques through many design projects and art classes. I’m thrilled to finally utilize my skill to illustrate the Word of God for the many children living in the safe homes provided by Life Impact International (LII). I’m so excited to be a part of God’s unique adoption plan for these children, and to help in any way to further His purposes and bring about wholeness and healing.

The Thailand sector of LII has requested the following assignments of me:

1. Paint multiple murals in living, recreational, office, and worship spaces

2. Design and create blueprints for multiple construction projects

3. Financial Assistant

4. Daycare Advisor